Three hours of unforgettable urban exploration.
The Londonist


Sean Patterson has numerous tricks up his sleeve to bring the sights and sounds of Victorian London to life. One minute you’re ushered into a local supermarket to learn about the history of ice cream, the next you’re dropping into the local pub for a pint of Best. Patterson draws on the work of Charles Booth, the Victorian philanthropist who mapped poverty levels across all of London’s streets. Patterson uses the map to point out areas that remain down-at-heel, and ones that have prospered. His main tours explore the fascinating but little-known streets of Deptford, and he’s working on sequels elsewhere.
The Guardian, 10 Best Guided Walks in London


This is an immaculately well-rounded walk highlighting what has changed little in centuries, and what is now (or will soon be) beyond all recognition.
Huffington Post


Quite simply one of the most fascinating days I have ever spent in London


A time machine experience. You are actually walking in someone’s footsteps.


The history of the area not only comes alive, with facts about how it developed over the centuries, it is incredible how much evidence of the distant past still exists on the streets the walk takes you on. From the legend of how the skull and crossbones came into being and details of the last hours of Christopher Marlowe, to Charles Dickens and Joseph Conrad’s own recollections of life on the bankside of the Thames.



Terrific walk, a lovely mix of interesting information, stories and fun.


Brilliant. Really informative and a great little guide to the backstreets of Clerkenwell.


I’m writing historical fiction set in the period, and Sean’s remarkable tour with details of sausage kings and ice cream murderers, street gangs, and Shakespeare’s censor, the Artful Dodger and Pepys’ lustful churchgoing was an inspiring and colourful glimpse into several hundred years of London history.  A personable and extremely knowledgable guide, and a fascinating area dense with history made this walk a winner.  Well worth the time, and highly recommended.
Bonnie McBird, Hollywood Screenwriter